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Every once in a while, there is a product launched that stops entrepreneurs in their tracks. The term ‘game changer’ can be an overused phrase in this era of hype and hyperbole.  However, when it comes to SendReach, there is a lot to get excited about.

Any thought you had that email marketing was on the way out, replaced by the emergence and immediacy of social media marketing, has been proven to be premature. It turns out that the future is not solely email marketing, nor purely social media marketing, but a combination of the two that provides users with the best of both worlds.

SendReach is the email autoresponder that acknowledges the great work that has been carried out by the big names in this field, including Aweber, but then progresses the capabilities and functions of an autoresponder a massive distance. In some ways, it is a disservice to describe SendReach as just an email autoresponder, as it provides so much more than this, but this title can provide users with an easy introduction to what the service provides.


SendReach – What Is It?

At its heart, SendReach is an email autoresponder, and it can do everything you would expect or even hope for from an email autoresponder, but this is only the beginning of its capabilities. If you are serious about marketing or properly communicating to your target audience, you will know the importance of demographics and target market.

In an ideal world, a product or service would be so popular that everyone in the world would love it, and promotional campaigns would be extremely easy to plan. There are very few products or services in the world like this, which means you have to work harder. Being able to target the niches or sectors that are more likely to enjoy or use your product or service has always been a great way to obtain better value for money, but it has been difficult to obtain this information.

This is where SendReach, which is able to provide detailed demographic information about your subscribers, makes it so much easier for you to study your subscribers and then reach out to them in an effective manner. The demographic information is just the beginning of the process for users of this autoresponder.  There are also excellent opportunities to segment your lists, create personalised emails to all of your customers, and to engage and interact like never before.

SendReach – What I Liked

The simplicity and ease of use of SendReach is definitely a positive factor in what the product brings, but there are so many tangible promotional and business benefits that it is important to focus on them. Having a product that is easy to use will always be of benefit, so SendReach does not disappoint on that aspect, but it is the main features of SendReach that really provide the things that you’ll love.

If you are interested in reaching out to your customers and you want to target them successfully, you will adore the demographics element of the product. No matter how the subscriber signs up for your service, SendReach will scour social media sites on the web to find out information about your users. All of this information is collated and then linked to the individual user, which means that, with one click of the mouse, you can find out information such as:

– Age

– Gender

– What social media sites they use

This is obviously a great starting point for any marketer or entrepreneur and, most importantly, all of this information is taken from the public domain and is perfectly legal. Therefore, there is no need to be concerned about any information that SendReach provides to you.

This Facebook information is extremely relevant, given that this represents the internet for so many people. Depending on how open people are on their Facebook page, you can paint a pretty strong picture of what someone likes and dislikes in their life. SendReach will provide you with all of the information that a person provides regarding location, education, likes, dislikes, political stance and all of the bands, sports teams, films and even TV shows that they like. If you ever wanted to get to know your customers on a personal level, this product provides you with everything you could ever need to know.

The great thing about having so much personal information about your subscribers is that it can be used to properly connect with them. SendReach provides the ability to create lists on so many different topics and areas so, for instance, if you wanted to create a list that spoke specifically about the weekend’s sporting results or local restaurants, you can have a list of subscribers created in no time who are greatly interested in what you have to say. This means you can create a strong connection to people on your list without alienating other people on your list who have no interest in these topics.

I love the idea that you can send emails to groups of people on a very micro-niche topic, without having to gather information on such a small level. Being able to gather subscribers in a very open way, but then have SendReach provide you with the detailed information about these people, is the ideal way to go about building your business.

If this all sounds difficult to do, don’t panic, because the Segmentation Wizard does it all for you with a couple of clicks, so even novices will be able to have this information close at hand.


Another great aspect about the Facebook sweep is that it will provide you with information regarding the amount of friends that certain subscribers have. The importance of word of mouth marketing is still extremely important and this sort of data allows you to connect with the people who have large circles of friends. This information can also be provided for Twitter and Google Plus, and it allows you to directly group and contact the people who are more likely to spread the word to other people. Aiming specific promotional campaigns at people who have a wide online circle of friends can bring about an increased benefit if the subscriber shares their thoughts with their friends. Being able to be more direct and focused in knowing who to promote to in the hope of receiving word of mouth promotion is a fantastic tool and something that will be of great benefit to my business. I am sure it will be of benefit to yours, too.

The fact that you can see who signs up and even the way they sign up means you can quickly find out if you are appealing to a certain group or groups. It can also let you see if a particular sign-up tactic or promotional campaign, from the customer’s entry point, is working for you. SendReach offers you insight into which of your marketing strategies is working, which is definitely of benefit.

Statistics are always going to be important for a marketer and the good thing here is that you can go as in-depth or as shallow as you are comfortable with. I like this because some projects or campaigns you can be a bit more relaxed about the nuts and bolts of your results, while there will be other campaigns when you want information on every action and reaction your campaign causes. With SendReach, all of this information is available quickly and easily.

Broadcasts are also very simple to set up and, with the built-in tools and tags, you can create personalised and targeted emails in seconds. The tags at the bottom of the broadcast page allow you to set up the process for personal details about each client to be set up. With different groups segmented, you can set up these lists and emails quickly. There is even an HTML option so, if you have access to templates, you can copy and paste the main body of your professional looking email in seconds.

There is no need to have great design skills, though, and there is certainly no need to pay a lot of money to hire professionals to set up logos, forms, QR codes or buttons for you. I love the fact that SendReach provides so many professional looking graphics and sign-up buttons to be used, because a great looking sign-up form can often be the difference between a subscriber signing up or not.

With everything that is available in SendReach, it would be easy for the product to just focus on emails, but the fact that they provide SMS capabilities is astounding. While smart phones mean that people are never too far away from their emails, there can be a different type of connection when communicating to a subscriber by SMS. This method can allow you to convey a different tone and get different messages across, but the backroom stuff on SendReach is the exact same. This means you should be able to set up an SMS list as easily as you can set up an email list.

That should be more than enough things I love about SendReach, but one last positive is the fact that it is possible to transfer any existing email lists you have, be it on Excel, Aweber or any other provider, and SendReach will take care of it for you. I thought this was an excellent service and, if SendReach was capable of making a great cup of coffee, you could consider replacing your secretary with this service!


SendReach – What I Didn’t Like

While there is not much to dislike about SendReach, it is important to realise that the way you have done things previously may have changed. This is not to say that what you did in the past was wrong; it is just that, as technology changes and marketing evolves, there are new and efficient ways of carrying out tasks.

Email autoresponders like Aweber have helped many people to gain success with email marketing and, if you are comfortable with that system, you may need some time to get used to how SendReach operates and performs. There is a quantum leap forward in capabilities at every level of the process. If you think that you are confident with respect to autoresponders and decide to dive head first into what SendReach has to offer, you may miss out on some of the best features.

No one likes to take their time, especially not with business opportunities, but the fact that SendReach genuinely provides such a game changing process makes it important to do so. I was fortunate enough to have the time to sit down with the product and check all the different aspects and sections. This meant that, when I was ready to use it properly for a genuine product launch and promotion, I knew how to get the best from it. The capabilities of SendReach are very extensive, but you have to give yourself the opportunity to understand what this product can do for you and your business.

There will always be quibbles and concerns about the price of a product, and SendReach could represent a large portion of your budget. With respect to value for money, though, this is definitely an email autoresponder that delivers.

SendReach – Overall Thoughts

SendReach has received a lot of praise and has got the online business community buzzing with the possibilities it provides. For me, the hype about SendReach hasn’t actually done the product justice, because it represents a huge step forward with respect to communicating with clients in a real and genuine manner. Anyone looking to maintain the benefits of email marketing, while enhancing it with the wide-reaching possibilities of social media marketing, needs to have this product.

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